The 50th Reunion

Sixty-four Classmates are in the group photo (Pete Munger didn't quite make it, but Jennifer Richardson McCormick did!)
This compares with 36 at our 45th Reunion in 2010 - an impressive increase!
Photos from Friday's Spring Mill State Park picnic
Photos from Friday evening at Nick's
Golf Scramble
The results:
The winning team with a 1 under par 71 were Denny Smith, Dave King, Bob Jordan, and Bob Hedrick.
2nd place with even par 72 were Steve Andres, Ed McCrea, Rick Darby, Steve Buckingham, and Larry Davis.
3rd place with two over par 74 were David Estes, John Chatham, Ray Maloni, Bruce Bailey, and Frank Yoder.
Photos from the Tudor Room dinner
Photos from the Sunday picnic at Bryan Park
The Reunion book contains 74 selfies, 104 pages of the Census, and 27 obituaries,
and weighs in at an impressive 1 pound 13 ounces!
Extra copies are available for purchase at $15 for book, packaging & postage. Contact Dave Gray
The 50 from 50 for 50 sponsorship fundraiser was fully subscribed
$50 from 50 Classmates for the 50th Reunion
Thanks to the 50 people who each contributed $50 or more!

Friday picnic at Spring Mill State Park
Dan White, Wade Martz, Bruce Bailey & Ed McCrea Steve Buckingham & Ed McCrea
Dan White, Rick Darby, Wade Martz & Sally Isom This imposter claimed to be Ed McCrea; his fiction was exposed when the real Ed McCrea showed up
Digging in Wade Martz & Steve Buckingham
Julia Edwards Marvin, Sally Isom & Janet Slinkard Simpson visit a lady doing tatting A local resident
Don Neal Dan White
Vincent Savage Sally Isom
Sharon Alexander Green Janet Slinkard Simpson

Friday evening at Nick's English Hut
Rick Darby John Chatham, Trudy Sare Yates & Mike Yates
Steve Buckingham & Dave Sparks Sharon Alexander Green & Tracy Callaway Russo
Ruth Hickman & Jimi Carter Miller Linda Miller, Paul Gagnon (her husband) & Susan Keisler Gray
Nancy Reed Sparks, Ed McCrea, Vickie Prince McCrea, Sue Huddle & Ina Scanlon Bill Hammerman & John Davidson
Ray Maloni (known erroneously as Ray Heath during high school) Ina & Jim Scanlon
Sally Isom, Susan Keisler Gray & Kathi Johnson Kathy Rumple Sollenberger
Cathy Manifold Dunham, Beck Bailey Wimbush & Nancy Reed Sparks Monty McDaniel
Vincent Savage Kathy Rumple Sollenberger & Steve Buckingham
Vincent Savage, Kathi Johnson & Tracy Callaway Russo Rick Darby, Jim Scanlon & Bill Sturgeon
Molly Maloney Delevett & Vicki Massy Palmer Vincent Savage & Tracy Callaway Russo
Dave Butler takes the credit Molly Maloney Delevett
Tannie Freeman Hinson & Sharon Alexander Green Sally Isom & Martha Dickerson
Ruth Hickman - her name tag kept changing orientation Dave King
Paul Michael, Vickie Prince McCrea & Dave Butler Dave King
Pete Munger Ted Najam & Kathy Rumple Sollemberger
Monty McDaniel & Jim Scanlon Linda Miller collars Ted Najam
Sally Isom shows Tannie Freeman Hinson some moves Kathy Rumple Sollenberger & Becky Bailey Wimbush
Bill Hammerman, Vickie Prince McCrea, Ed McCrea & Pete Poolitsan '66 Bob Jordan & Martha Dickerson
Dave Butler Cathy Manifold Dunham & Molly Maloney Delevett
Sally Isom & Tannie Freeman Hinson Ruth Hickman & Martha Dickerson
Paul Michael John Chatham
John Davidson, John Chatham & Bill Sturgeon Martha Dickerson
Ruth Hickman Becky Bailey Wimbush & Kathi Johnson
Molly Maloney Delevett & Becky Bailey Wimbush Sue Huddle, Vincent Savage & Molly Maloney Delevett
Mike Yates, Trudy Sare Yates, Bev Bruce Butler & Dave Butler Dave Sparks & Ray (Heath) Maloni
Bev Bruce Butler & Bob Hedrick, Dave Butler & Ruth Hickman Dave Butler, Ruth Hickman & Bob Hedrick
Dan Sparks Julia Edwards Marvin, Vincent Savage & Sharon Alexander Green
Martha Dickerson Sue Huddle & Jimi Carter Miller
Steve Patterson, David Gray & Jim Scanlon Bob Hedrick, Ruth Hickman & Sally Isom
Rick Darby, Pete Poolitsan '66, Bob Hedrick, Sally Isom & Ruth Hickman Kathy Rumple Sollenberger & Rick Darby
Sue Huddle & Steve Buckingham Angelo (formerly Andy) Pizzo '66, Kathy Rumple Sollenberger & Rick Darby
Martha Dickerson has never been reserved! Steve Beets
Martha Dickerson Nancy Reed Sparks (best laugh in the room!) & Martha Dickerson
Rick Darby, Kathy Rumple Sollenberger & Martha Dickerson Bob Jordan, Dave King, Ted Najam & Monty McDaniel
Dave King keeps an eye on the natives Sally Isom checks out the cowboys
Bob Jordan & Sally Isom Ed McCrea, Angelo (Andy) Pizzo '66 & Dave Sparks
Sally Isom & Nancy Reed Sparks Dan Sparks

Saturday golf scramble
Bruce Bailey John Chatham
Bruce Bailey, with John Chatham, David Estes & Ray Maloni watching
John Chatham It rained the day before....
David Estes Ed McCrea
Steve Andres Steve Andres sinks a long put
Rick Darby Steve Buckingham
John Chatham chips while Bruce Bailey, Ray Maloni, David Estes & Frank Yoder watch
John Chatham putts while Ray Maloni watches Ray Maloni
Steve Buckingham Dave King
Dennis Smith Bob Hedrick, with Dave King & Bob Jordan watching
David King Dennis Smith
Rick Darby Steve Andres
John Chatham

Saturday dinner at the Tudor Room
Jerry & Velma Abbott & Dan White Kathy Rumple Sollenberger
Teacher Jerry McIntosh & wife Jane, with Henry Gray (father of David) who represented all the parents of the Class Susan Keisler Gray distributing name tags to Cathy Manifold Dunham and Joyce & Richard Bender
Charlie Jesseph & asociates provided an excellent musical background
Ruth Hickman, Sally Isom, Tannie Freeman Hinson, Nancy Sparks Reed & Sheila Andres Tracy Callaway Russo
Dan White, Jerry Abbott & Molly Maloney Delevett Kathi Johnson & Martha Dickerson
Bill Sturgeon & Becky Bailey Wimbush Bruce Bailey finds that the selfie he supplied was left out of the Reunion book - sorry, Jerry!
(Becky Bailey Wimbush's was also left out; they are on the Web page of selfies, though)
Rick Darby wears the crown well First-time Reunion attendee Paul Bender is welcomed by Ted Najam
Vicki Massy Palmer, Brenda Weddle Somes & Claire Mahan Nelson Dennis & Carolyn Smith, Paul Bender, Sheila Andres, Steve Buckingham, Steve Andres & Susan Keisler Gray
Janet Schell Kathy Rumple Sollenberger & fellow former cheerleader Candy Pinkston Gardner
In background - Marian Armstrong, the Class's favorite librarian
Bill Hammerman Vickie Prince McCrea & Nancy Reed Sparks
Wade Martz, Beth Floyd Thrasher, Tim Thrasher '64 & Dan White Pete Munger & wife Louise Klee & Martha Dickerson
Dennis Smith & Cathy Manifold Dunham Sharon Alexander Green, Charles "Russ" Russo & Tracy Callaway Russo
Louise Brown Miracle & Rick Miracle '66 Ed McCrea addresses the crowd
Ed McCrea at the podium Ted Najam reads his statistical analysis of the 104 Classmate Census forms submitted
Jim Scanlon provided a compilation of '60s music clips for dancing....
Molly Maloney Delevett & Peter Delevett Cathy Manifold Dunham gets into it!
Cathy Manifold Dunham, Dave King, ? & Kathi Johnson Dave King surrounded by other dancers
Steve Buckingham, Dennis Smith & Vincent Savage Ted Najam & Vicki Massy Palmer
Ruth Hickman & Julia Edwards Marvin Ted Najam & Janet Slinkard Simpson
Vincent Savage & Sharon Alexander Green sing "Happy Trails To You"
Ed Baker Joyce & Richard Bender
Many in the room sing along - if they know the words
Vincent Savage & Sharon Alexander Green Susan Keisler Gray & Sally Isom
Debra & John Brown John Brown, Nancy Sparks Reed, David King & Ruth Hickman
Rick Darby, Kathy Rumple Sollenberger & Bob Hedrick Linda Miller
Molly Maloney Delevett watches closely what Bill Sturgeon writes in her reunion book Candy Pinkston Gardner & Vincent Savage
David Estes, Steve Beets & Wade Martz Bill Sturgeon & Ted Najam
Jennifer Richardson McCormick & John Davidson Bob Jordan. Molly Maloney Delevett & Martha Dickerson
David Gray, Molly Maloney Delevett & Bob Jordan Candy Pinkston Gardner
Sally Isom waits for her ride as the party wraps up

Sunday picnic at Bryan Park
Bob Hedrick, Ed McCrea & Ted Najam Grillmeister Peter Delevett
Vickie Prince McCrea, Sally Isom & Ruth Hickman Dave King, Vincent Savage, Julia Edwards Marvin, Molly Maloney Delevett & Kathi Johnson
Rick Darby, Bruce Bailey, Steve Buckingham & Susan Keisler Gray Dave King, Vincent Savage & Jimi Carter Miller
Bob Hedrick, Ed McCrea & Ted Najam Susan Keisler Gray & Ed McCrea
Vicki Massy Palmer & Vincent Savage Janet Schell
Julia Edwards Marvin & Kathi Johnson Vincent Savage & Jimi Carter Miller
Vicki Massy Palmer Kathi Johnson
Dave King Linda Miller
Paul Michael Vickie Prince McCrea
Jimi Carter Miller & Vincent Savage Molly Maloney Delevett & Rick Darby
Julia Edwards Marvin & Kathi Johnson Ed McCrea, Dave King & Rick Darby
Paul Michael & Ted Najam Steve Patterson, Janet Schell & Ruth Hickman
Paul Gagnon (husband of Linda Miller) & Steve Beets Molly Maloney Delevett & Ed Baker
Ted Najam & Kathi Johnson take a walk
Steve Patterson Janet Schell
Kathi Johnson & Ted Najam Vincent Savage
Linda Miller & Susan Keisler Gray Vicki Massy Palmer
Paul Michael & Rick Darby Rick Darby
Dennis Smith Sue Huddle & Bruce Bailey
Jimi Carter Miller, Vincent Savage, Paul Gagnon, Linda Miller & Susan Keisler Gray

updated 18 July 2015