University High School

Bloomington, Indiana

Class of 1965

Pictures from 25th Reunion, 1990

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Rick Darby Vickie Prince McCrea
Ed Long, Ross Robertson, Candy Pinkston Gardner, ??, Rob Cook Tracy Callaway Russo, Walter Luke, Ted Najam
Pat O'Connor Will Dunn
Jennifer Richardson Morris, Ted Najam & Louise Brown Dunn (now Miracle) Rob Cook & David Sparks
Ross Robertson Debby Schmalz Gandolf
Nancy Reed Sparks Jeff Arpan & Family
Steve Beets ?? Martz & Wade Martz
Luis Morales, ??, Nancy Burton Morales, Jennifer Richardson Morris Dave Butler
Craig Stevens & Steve Buckingham Sharon Mahaffey Belcher
Gigi Pinnell Stowe Ross Robertson
Pat O'Connor Luis Morales & Nancy Burton Morales
Tracy Callaway Russo Rob Cook
?? Steve Patterson ?? Craig Stevens
Sharon Mahaffey Belcher Louise Brown Dunn (now Miracle)
Wade Martz Steve Patterson
Dave Butler & David Sparks Vickie Prince McCrea
John Scott Candy Pinkston Gardner
Dave Butler Gigi Pinnell Stowe
Nancy Burton Morales Will Dunn
Candy Pinkston Gardner & Dave Butler Vickie Massy Palmer
Steve Buckingham Rob Cook
Gigi Pinnell Stowe Candy Pinkston Gardner
Diane Brogneaux Yoder '64 Frank Yoder