University High School

Bloomington, Indiana

Class of 1965

Pictures from 35th Reunion, 2000

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The crowd at Nick's Kathy Rumple Sollenberger & Bob Hedrick
Carol Carter Micheli & Rick Darby Miss Martha Dickerson
Tannie Freeman Hinson Bill Hammerman
Dave King John Chatham (is that a halo?)
Ann Overbay Durrett Brandt Ludlow
David Estes Steve Beets
Chris Grossman & Tannie Freeman Hinson David Sparks puts the squeeze on Martha Dickerson
John Chatham Bob Hedrick
Susan Keisler Gray & Kathy Rumple Sollenberger Ed McCrea restrains Mark Rushing from putting a move on Vickie Prince McCrea
Rick Darby Tannie Freeman Hinson
Janette Simpson, Janet Slinkard Simpson & Susan Keisler Gray Ann Overbay Durrett & David Gray
Ted Najam & Paulette Chatham David Sparks
Vickie Massy Palmer, Tannie Freeman Hinson & Sheri Shumate Miller Brandt Ludlow, Steve Beets & Dave King
Susan Keisler Gray Martha Dickerson
Molly Maloney Delevett & Ed Baker Rick Darby
Ted Najam & Louise Brown and their famous quiz Ina Scanlon, Jim Scanlon, Vickie Massy Palmer & Rick Darby
Vickie Prince McCrea Jennifer Richardson Morris
Martha Dickerson obviously does not believe everything
that Ann Overbay Durrett tells her
Janet Slinkard Simpson
Rick Darby & John Chatham Cathy Morton Brown, Ann Overbay Durrett & Ted Najam
Steve Patterson Bill Sturgeon
John Chatham & Brandt Ludlow Mark Rushing
Nancy Reed Sparks Kathy Rumple Sollenberger
Chris Grossman, ?? & Dennis Smith Molly Maloney Delevett, Ted Najam & Bill Hammerman
Rick Darby Ted Najam
Nancy Reed Sparks Kathy Rumple Sollenberger
Ann Overbay Durrett & Bill Hammerman Peter Delevett & Jim Scanlon
Molly Maloney Delevett Jennifer Richardson Morris
Brandt Ludlow & Molly Maloney Delevett Vickie Prince McCrea
Ted Najam, Bill Sturgeon & Jennifer Richardson Morris David Sparks, Tannie Freeman Hinson, Chris Grossman & Ted Najam
Martha Dickerson Peter Delevett & Molly Maloney Delevett
Rick Darby gets an award Nancy Reed Sparks
Sunday morning, "basketball" at the McCreas'. Frankly, the guys look better on the bench than on the court.
Ed McCrea Dave Sparks
the "game" Dave King