University High School

Bloomington, Indiana

Class of 1965

UHS Class of '65 40th Reunion
CD-ROMs of Dave Gray's photos are available
The photos fill two CDs:
The first contains 476 photos taken at Nick's on Friday evening.
The second contains 143 photos taken at the golf match and 313 photos from Colorado Steakhouse on Saturday.
Each disc contains two versions of each photo:
1 - a high-resolution JPEG (up to 2000x3000 pixels, average file size 1.25 Mb)
2 - a small compressed JPEG (all 400 pixels tall, average file size 45Kb) suitable for e-mailing or including on a Web page
Also included on each disc are index files in Word, Excel, and .txt format,
as the file names on the CDs are limited to 64 characters.
When I chose the photos for these Web pages, I selected mostly photos containing two or more people.
The discs include many photos of individual Classmates, such as the following:
The cost is $6 for one CD, $10 for two, postpaid.
Contact Dave Gray to order or for more information.
Proceeds go towards covering the costs of maintaining the Web address
and these Web pages.