University High School

Bloomington, Indiana

Class of 1965


First Annual Picnic - Saturday, July 16 - Bryan Park

At the 50th Reunion (2015), it was decided that we can't wait 5 years to see each other,

and that an annual picnic would be a good idea.

So the date is set: July 16, 11 am to 3 pm (or 4, or 5)

at the north shelter (same place as 2015 - enter from Stull Ave off Maxwell Lane)

Food & drink will be provided

$10 for one person, $12 for two

Contact Sue Huddle (202-321-5303) for details


On Friday, July 15, Bob Kirk will be inducted into the Monroe County Sports Hall of Fame.

Classmates are encouraged to attend the banquet, or the meet & greet event.

For more information, click on this link:

(Unfortunately, he will not be able to attend the picnic.)

Information on all 10 inductees, including Angelo (Andy) Pizzo,

the writer & producer of the movie "Hoosiers," and IU football coach Bill Mallory


Message from Bob Kirk
To my U-school teammates and classmates. I just want to let everyone know that I have been humbled and honored by the Monroe County Sports Hall of Fame committee to have been chosen to be an inductee into the Monroe County Sports Hall of Fame (MCSHOF) on July 15, 2016. It will be a great honor for me to represent U-school and that great 1960's undefeated football team at the ceremony. This is a tribute to U-school and the great coach Walter Gray (who is deservedly already in the MCSHOF). That period of my life at U-school was an excellent period of learning and preparation for life as an adult. If any of my U-school football teammates and/or U-school classmates would like to attend the MCSHOF event that would be great. All of you are invited. It will be great to see you and U-school would be well represented. If some of you cannot or chose not to attend the ceremony maybe attending the "meet & greet" portion of the program would be better. That would not cost anything and I can still say hello to teammates and classmates. I am sorry for not being able to attend the picnic on Saturday morning at 11 am, July 16, but I made a previous commitment to leave Bloomington early Saturday morning before I knew about the picnic.
Thanks, Bob Kirk


updated 28 June 2016