University High School

Bloomington, Indiana

Class of 1965

UHS Class of '65 45th Reunion
The dinner was held at the Bloomington Country Club on Saturday, July 17, 2010

Tannie (Freeman) Hinson & John Miller make their name tags - next time, we'll make good ones Meet & greet: Ed McCrea, Vickie (Prince) McCrea, Ginger (Virginia Peak) Merkel & Roger Merkel
Ed McCrea brought the huge picture of our undefeated football team
Sheri Curry '64 & Diana (Brogneaux) Yoder '64 Frank Yoder & Larry Davis '64
Kathy (Rumple) Sollenberger & Wade Martz Bob Hedrick Vickie (Prince) McCrea, Sheri (Shumate) Miller & John Miller Roger Merkel, Ginger (Virginia Peak) Merkel & Sally Isom
Roger Merkel, Jim Simpson, Ginger (Virginia Peak) Merkel, Sharon (Alexander) Green, Tannie (Freeman) Hinson, Nancy (Reed) Sparks & Wade Martz Luis Morales, Nancy (Burton) Morlaes, Tannie (Freeman) Hinson & David Estes
Vickie (Prince) McCrea, Larry Davis '64 & Linda (Pollock) Davis Janet (Slinkard) Simpson, Jim Simpson & Kathy (Rumple) Sollenberger
Dave King & Frank Yoder Luis Morales, Sharon (Alexander) Green & Candy (Pinkston) Gardner
Linda Scott, John Scott, Star Najam & Ted Najam John Scott, Jim Simpson, Janet (Slinkard) Simpson, Jimi (Carter) Miller, Sally Isom, Luis Morales, Molly (Maloney) Delevett & Carol Huffman
David Sparks, David Butler & Beverly (Bruce) Butler Nancy (Reed) Sparks & Bill Hammerman
Sheri (Shumate) Miller & Sharon (Alexander) Green Sally Isom, Kathy (Rumple) Sollenberger & Stu Curry '64
Bill Sturgeon, Helen Sturgeon, Joyce Bender & Richard Bender Kathy (Rumple) Sollenberger & Bill Hammerman
Ted Najam, Sally Isom & Molly (Maloney) Delevett Bill Sturgeon Kathy (Rumple) Sollenberger & Stu Curry '64 Jimi (Carter) Miller, Janet (Slinkard) Simpson & Jim Simpson
Tannie (Freeman) Hinson, Sharon (Alexander) Green & Ginger (Virginia Peak) Merkel David Estes & Tannie (Freeman) Hinson
Janet (Slinkard) Simpson, Jimi (Carter) Miller, Molly (Maloney) Delevett, Sally Isom & Carol Huffman Nancy (Burton) Morlaes & Candy (Pinkston) Gardner
Candy (Pinkston) Gardner & Kathy (Rumple) Sollenberger Molly (Maloney) Delevett, Linda Scott, John Scott & Peter Delevett
Richard Bender, Denny Smith, Stu Curry '64 & Carolyn Smith David Estes & Bob Jordan
Sheri (Shumate) Miller & Stu Curry '64 Sharon (Alexander) Green, Nancy (Burton) Morlaes & Candy (Pinkston) Gardner
Kathy (Rumple) Sollenberger, Candy (Pinkston) Gardner & Jennifer (Richardson) McCormick Jim Simpson & Janet (Slinkard) Simpson
Joyce Bender & Helen Sturgeon John Scott, Linda Scott & Richard Bender
Ed McCrea at the podium Ted Najam reads his quiz
Nancy (Reed) Sparks, Sally Isom & Vickie (Prince) McCrea Jennifer (Richardson) McCormick
Kathy (Rumple) Sollenberger Steve Beets & Sally Isom Sheri (Shumate) Miller Tannie (Freeman) Hinson
Nancy (Burton) Morlaes David Butler, Jennifer (Richardson) McCormick, Kathy (Rumple) Sollenberger, Bill Sturgeon & Peter Delevett
John Scott & Tannie (Freeman) Hinson Luis Morales, Molly (Maloney) Delevett & Nancy (Burton) Morales
Tannie (Freeman) Hinson Susan (Keisler) Gray (surprised that Dave's camera is being operated by Candy) Kathy (Rumple) Sollenberger Lady Gaga
David Butler & Kathy (Rumple) Sollenberger Candy (Pinkston) Gardner, Dave King & Bill Hammerman
Candy (Pinkston) Gardner & Vickie (Prince) McCrea Kathy (Rumple) Sollenberger & David Gray
Ted Najam Carol Huffman & Ed Baker Richard Bender
Candy (Pinkston) Gardner David Sparks & Wade Martz
Nancy (Reed) Sparks, Vickie (Prince) McCrea & Tannie (Freeman) Hinson Susan (Keisler) Gray, Wade Martz, David Sparks & David Gray
Candy (Pinkston) Gardner - good-bye until the 50th in 2015!

CDs of these photos & more are availble here.

updated 09 Feb 2022