University High School

Bloomington, Indiana

Class of 1965

UHS Class of '65 45th Reunion
The golf scramble was held at Bloomington country Club on Saturday, July 17, 2010 - it was HOT!

Dave King tees off ... ... as does Dave Butler
Denny Smith Steve Beets watches Brandt Ludlow Larry Davis '64
Steve Beets Brandt Ludlow, Denny Smith & Steve Beets watch Dave Butler
Dave Estes, Frank Yoder and Larry Davis watch Ed McCrea putt Frank Yoder
Dave Estes drives right ... ... and putts left
Larry Davis '64 Ed McCrea Dave King Ed McCrea
Bob Jordan Bob Hedrick
Rick Miracle '66 Bob Jordan
Dave King Dave King, Bob Jordan & Rick Miracle '66
Dave King
Steve Beets Dave Butler
Denny Smith Brandt Ludlow Denny Smith Steve Beets
Dave Butler Denny Smith & Brandt Ludlow
Dave Estes Frank Yoder
Frank Yoder Ed McCrea
Dave Estes Dave Butler
Ed McCrea Dave King
Dave King Bob Jordan & Rick Miracle '66
Rick Miracle '66 Steve Beets & Brandt Ludlow
Bob Hedrick Bob Jordan
The Willing Team: Larry Davis, Ed McCrea, Frank Yoder & Dave Estes

CDs of these photos & more are availble here.