University High School

Bloomington, Indiana

Class of 1965

UHS Class of '65 45th Reunion
The events got underway at Nick's English Hut on Friday, July 16, 2010

We had reserved the Hoosier Room, upstairs. (Though as the evening went on, we were invaded by 20-somethings.)
Dave King, Jim Scanlon, Helen Sturgeon & Bill Sturgeon Nancy (Reed) Sparks & Kathy (Rumple) Sollenberger
Vickie (Prince) McCrea, Molly (Maloney) Delevett, Brandt Ludlow & Dian Ludlow Bill Sturgeon, Jim Scanlon & Dave Butler
Sharon (Alexander) Green, Jimi (Carter) Miller & Sally Isom Jennifer (Richardson) McCormick & Nancy (Reed) Sparks
Molly (Maloney) Delevett, Helen Sturgeon & Bill Sturgeon Kathy (Rumple) Sollenberger & Steve Beets
Dave Butler tells a fish story; Beverly (Bruce) Butler & Bill Hammerman at left Sally Isom & John Scott
Ted Najam & Gigi (Pinnell) Stowe Steve Patterson & David Estes
Dave King & Sharon (Alexander) Green Vickie (Prince) McCrea, Nancy (Reed) Sparks & Dave Sparks
Sharon (Alexander) Green Jim Scanlon
Dave King, Pete Poolitsan '64, & Vickie (Prince) McCrea Kathy (Rumple) Sollenberger, Bob Hedrick & Gigi (Pinnell) Stowe
Gigi (Pinnell) Stowe David Estes Nancy (Red) Sparks Sally Isom & Brandt Ludlow
Newly identified '65er Phil Huffman was with us in Nursery School & 4th Grade; Ed Baker, Pam Lacey & Molly (Maloney) Delevett in background; Bob Jordan (foreground) was also with us for just two years Susan (Keisler) Gray & Jimi (Carter) Miller
Steve Beets & Vickie (Prince) McCrea Bob Hedrick & Gigi (Pinnell) Stowe
Bob Jordan & Bob Hedrick Molly (Maloney) Delevett & John Scott
Dave Sparks, Dave Butler & Beverly (Bruce) Butler Gigi (Pinnell) Stowe & Sharon (Alexander) Green
Frank Yoder, Steve Patterson & Yvette ?? Brandt Ludlow & Kathy (Rumple) Sollenberger
Steve Rouse Jimi (Carter) Miller Steve Beets Kathy (Rumple) Sollenberger
Clockwise from left: Sharon (Alexander) Green, Phil Huffman, Ed Baker, Pam Lacey, Molly (Maloney) Delevett, Carol Huffman, Bob Jordan, Sally Isom, Ruth Hickman & Jennifer (Richardson) McCormick (& a Nick's waitress)
Vickie (Prince) McCrea & Gigi (Pinnell) Stowe Ruth Hickman, Ed McCrea & Jimi (Carter) Miller
Susan (Keisler) Gray & Jennifer (Richardson) McCormick Denny Smith & Steve Beets
Sharon (Alexander) Green & Jimi (Carter) Miller Gigi (Pinnell) Stowe, Marian Armstrong & Nancy (Reed) Sparks
Ed Baker Molly (Maloney) Delevett, Brandt Ludlow & Vickie (Prince) McCrea
Linda Scott, John Scott & Peter Delevett
Ruth Hickman & Sally Isom Jimi (Carter) Miller & Gigi (Pinnell) Stowe
Nancy (Reed) Sparks & Mark Rushing Nancy (Reed) Sparks & Mark Rushing
Diana (Brogneaux) Yoder, Gigi (Pinnell) Stowe &Frank Yoder Nancy (Reed) Sparks & Jennifer (Richardson) McCormick
Vickie (Prince) McCrea & Nancy (Reed) Sparks Susan (Keisler) Gray, Gigi (Pinnell) Stowe & John Scott
Ed Baker talks about the Car Rally - unfortunately, too few people listened Steve Patterson & David Estes
Gigi (Pinnell) Stowe & Sharon (Alexander) Green Dave King & Kathy (Rumple) Sollenberger
Kathy (Rumple) Sollenberger, Jennifer (Richardson) McCormick & Sally Isom Steve Beets Kathy (Rumple) Sollenberger Sally Isom & Brandt Ludlow
Vickie (Prince) McCrea, Ed McCrea, Bob Jordan & Bob Hedrick Jim Scanlon & Jennifer (Richardson) McCormick
Molly (Maloney) Delevett & John Scott Bob Jordan, Peter Delevett, Steve Beets & Bob Hedrick
Clockwise from left: Phill Huffman, Ed Baker, Pam Lacey, Molly (Maloney) Delevett, Carol Huffman, Bob Jordan & Sally Isom

CDs of these photos & more are availble here.

updated 08 Feb 2022