University High School

Bloomington, Indiana

Class of 1965

UHS Class of '65 40th Reunion
The final event was a dinner at Colorado Steakhouse on Saturday, July 30, 2005

Dave Butler is ready to distribute the Reunion Book,
(and to ask for an additional $5)
The deck was ready to hold over 80 diners
The vestibule got a bit crowded
Vincent Savage, Ina Scanlon, Linda Scott, Kathy (Rumple) Sollenberger, Sharon (Alexander) Green, Rob Brunnemer, Bev (Bruce) Butler,
Pati Briscoe, Bobbie Buckingham, Dave Butler, Ginger (Virginia Peak) Merkel & Roger Merkel
John Scott & Tannie (Freeman) Hinson Molly (Maloney) Delevett gets her nametag from Susie (Keisler) Gray
Ginger (Virginia Peak) Merkel gets her Reunion Book from Dave Butler Wade Martz, John Scott & Sheri (Shumate) Stevens-Miller
John Chatham, Jimi (Carter) Miller & Stan Miller Tracy (Callaway) Russo, Dasa Bausova, Sharon (Alexander) Green & Vincent Savage
Susie (Keisler) Gray makes a nametag for Don Neal Sheri (Shumate) Stevens-Miller & Molly (Maloney) Delevett
Wade Martz & Ed Baker Ina Scanlon & Vicki (Massy) Palmer look at a nursery school photo
Peggy (Owens) Buher puts on her nametag as Sheri (Hood) Grant watches Don Neal is intimidated by Vickie (Prince) McCrea as Susie (Keisler) Gray watches
Sheri (Shumate) Stevens-Miller, Chris Grossman, Mike Oyer & Don Neal Molly (Maloney) Delevett is not intimidated by Ed Baker
Ginger (Virginia Peak) Merkel, Molly (Maloney) Delevett, Sheri (Shumate) Stevens-Miller & John Scott Don Neal, Bill Sturgeon & Ed McCrea
Pati Briscoe, John Chatham, Molly (Maloney) Delevett & Rob Brunnemer Susie (Keisler) Gray looks for Kathy (Bridwell) Milne's nametag
Ed McCrea, Bob Hedrick & Vickie (Prince) McCrea Carol (Carter) Micheli & Rick Darby look over their Reunion Books
as David Butler checks off two more delivered
Susan (Keisler) Gray, Sheri (Shumate) Stevens-Miller, Craig Stevens, Steve Beets, John Scott, Steve Buckingham & Molly (Maloney) Delevett
John Scott, Don Neal & Vickie (Prince) McCrea Dave Butler, Ina Scanlon & Helen Sturgeon
As the vestibule was getting crowded, people moved out onto the deck
Bill Hammerman, Marth Dickerson & Kathy (Rumple) Sollenberger Sharon (Alexander) Green, Russ Russo & Sheri (Shumate) Stevens-Miller
John Chatham, Paulette Chatham & Ed McCrea Steve Andres, Steve Beets & Sheila Andres
Dian Ludlow, Brandt Ludlow and Steve Buckingham Cindy Hedrick, Bob Hedrick, Star Najam & Ted Najam
Mike Oyer is not examining Kathy (Rumple) Sollenberger's drink;
he's just trying to hear what she's saying
Rob Brunnemer & Nancy Brunnemer
Sheri (Shumate) Stevens-Miller, Vincent Savage & Dasa Bausova Vickie (Prince) McCrea, Trudy (Sare) Yates & Mike Yates
Sharon (Alexander) Green & Tracy (Callaway) Russo Bev (Bruce) Butler & Pati Briscoe
Brandt Ludlow & Don Neal Ray (Heath) Maloni
But there was still lots of activity back inside
Judy Howe, Gayle Lynn O'Connor, Dick Bender, Joyce Bender & Janet (Slinkard) Simpson Peter Delevett & Rick Darby look at the nursery school picture;
Carol (Carter) Micheli, Mike Hanson & Susie (Keisler) Gray
Bill Sturgeon & Susie (Keisler) Gray look at the nursery school picture Candy (Pinkston) Gardner & Sheri (Lindsey) Curry '64
Martha Dickerson & Ed Baker - unposed... ... and posed (what's glowing in that glass?)
Dave King & Kathy (Bridwell) Milne Ross Howe & Susie (Keisler) Gray reminisce about how, due to alphabetical ordering, they held each other's hand to go down the ramp during fire drills in kindergarten
Jimi (Carter) Miller & Susie (Keisler) Gray Pat O'Connor & Pati Briscoe
Frank Yoder, Diana (Brogneaux) Yoder '64 & Sheri (Lindsey) Curry '64 get their nametags
and the whole crowd moves outside

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