University High School

Bloomington, Indiana

Class of 1965

UHS Class of '65 40th Reunion
Dinner at Colorado Steakhouse on Saturday, July 30, 2005

Candy (Pinkston) Gardner & Diana (Brogneaux) Yoder '64 Linda Miller & Tracy (Callaway) Russo
Ray (Heath) Maloni & Debbie Maloni Ginger (Virginia Peak) Merkel, Mike Hanson & Stuart "Chipper" Curry '64
Ginger (Virginia Peak) Merkel & Roger Merkel Some introductory remarks from Ed McCrea, with Ted Najam
Mike Yates, Trudy (Sare) Yates, Ray (Heath) Maloni,
Pat O'Connor, Bob Hedrick & Dave Butler
Ina Scanlon, Diana (Brogneaux) Yoder '64,
Sheri (Lindsey) Curry '64 & Vickie (Prince) McCrea
Space was tight again around the buffet line
Kathy (Bridwell) Milne, Steve Buckingham,
Dick Bender & Ginger (Virginia Peak) Merkel
Peggy (Owens) Buher, Carol (Carter) Micheli,
Kathy (Rumple) Sollenberger & Martha Dickerson
Bill Sturgeon, Helen Sturgeon, Bill Hammerman & Linda Scott Susie (Keisler) Gray, Virginia Savage & Vincent Savage
A pause from all the talking as we ate
(too many people to name...)
Ed McCrea (with Vicki (Massy) Palmer)
asks everyone present to introduce themselves
and say something - anything that comes to mind.
One suggestion, for those eligible, was
what do your grandchildren call you.
Steve Beets described how Will Dunn knocked him out
when he ran a decoy pass pattern during a football practice play;
then Walt said "Run it again"
Steve Beets, Ginger (Virginia Peak) Merkel, Roger Merkel & Steve Andres Sharon (Alexander) Green & Linda Miller
Bill Hammerman cools off Martha Dickerson after she spoke and Ed McCrea shot video of the whole thing
Sheri (Shumate) Stevens-Miller, Ed McCrea & Vickie (Prince) McCrea Star Najam, Rick Darby, Candy (Pinkston) Gardner & Carol (Carter) Micheli
Ed McCrea & Kathy (Rumple) Sollenberger Cabdy (Pinkston) Gardner, Carol (Carter) Micheli, Ed McCrea & Martha Dickerson
Peter Delevett & Molly (Maloney) Delevett Molly offers a toast
Ed Baker passes the mike to Brandt Ludlow; Peter Delevett & Mike Oyer Brandt Ludlow & Richard Grant
Mike Oyer - only with us in 10th grade, we were glad to welcome him Molly had something more to say
Rob Brunnemer & Nancy Brunnemer Cindy Hedrick & Bob Hedrick as Wade Martz & Craig Stevens watch
The dynamic Ted Najam ... ... reads his famous Quiz
(sadly, Louise (Brown) Miracle was unable to be with us)
Ed McCrea receives a piece of the old U-School basketball floor
Linda Miller gets a certificate from Ted Najam Peter Delevett, Molly (Maloney) Delevett, Brandt Ludlow & Paulette Chatham
a rather tired Ed McCrea wraps up the presentations Brandt Ludlow & Pati Briscoe
Sharon (Alexander) Green & Molly (Maloney) Delevett Candy (Pinkston) Gardner & Carol (Carter) Micheli
Vickie (Prince) McCrea, Bill Sturgeon, Helen Sturgeon & Tannie (Freeman) Hinson Kathy (Rumple) Sollenberger, Dasa Bausova & Vincent Savage
Vicki (Massy) Palmer & Ina Scanlon Sheri (Shumate) Stevens-Miller, Tannie (Freeman) Hinson & Pati Briscoe
Susan (Keisler) Gray, Sharon (Alexander) Green & Molly (Maloney) Delevett
recall their years together in Girl Scouts
Kathy (Rumple) Sollenberger, Janet (Slinkard) Simpson & Jimi (Carter) Miller
Linda Miller John Scott
Ed McCrea displays the Great Seal of the Class of 1965 Former cross-street neighbors: Molly (Maloney) Delevett & Jimi (Carter) Miller
Kathy (Rumple) Sollenberger & Rick Darby Dave Gray & Steve Beets
Martha Dickerson signs Dave Gray's '65 Jordannus Carol (Carter) Micheli
Susie (Keisler) Gray and ... ... Vicki (Massy) Palmer, looking a bit tired
Conversations continued until after midnight in the parking lot ... ... until people finally left
Molly (Maloney) Delevett, Chris Grossman & Steve Beets Martha Dickerson & Kathy (Rumple) Sollenberger

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CDs of these photos & more are availble here.

We had a great time! Hope to see more of you at the All-Class Reunion in October.