University High School

Bloomington, Indiana

Class of 1965

UHS Class of '65 40th Reunion
Friday, July 29, 2005, at Nick's English Hut (page 2)

Ed McCrea, through his spokesperson Martha Dickerson, makes an important announcement: a recurring problem - we're short of money
as the crowd watches ...
Russ Russo, Tracy (Callaway) Russo, Brandt Ludlow, Molly (Maloney) Delevett, Mike Oyer, Clay Ludlow & Vicki (Massy) Palmer
The results are immediate and impressive...
Susie (Keisler) Gray & Dick Bender Dian Ludlow, Brandt Ludlow & Molly (Maloney) Delevett
Judy Howe, Mike Hanson & Ted Najam Bob Hedrick & Pat O'Connor
Jayne (Kemp) Lajoie Sharon (Alexander) Green
Rick Darby, John Chatham, Carol (Carter) Micheli & Mike Oyer Dave Butler & Ross Howe
Nancy (Reed) Sparks & Sheri (Lindsey) Curry '64 Linda Miller & Tannie (Freeman) Hinson
Carol (Carter) Micheli & Rick Darby
both listed their marital status in the survey as "Taken"
Mike Oyer & Marth Dickerson
Nancy (Reed) Sparks & Martha Dickerson Dave Butler & Steve Beets
Mike Oyer & Molly (Maloney) Delevett had a long talk by the stairway Helen Sturgeon & Bill Sturgeon
Carol (Carter) Micheli & Kathy (Rumple) Sollenberger Brandt Ludlow & Bev (Bruce) Butler
Vicki (Massy) Palmer, Ruth Hickman & Sharon (Alexander) Green Linda Miller, Helen Sturgeon & Susan (Keisler) Gray
Vickie (Prince) McCrea did not eat the entire sandwich Molly (Maloney) Delevett & Linda Miller
Kathy (Rumple) Sollenberger, Molly (Maloney) Delevett & Mike Oyer Dave Sparks & Nancy (Reed) Sparks
Ruth Hickman & Steve Patterson Molly (Maloney) Delevett & Peter Delevett
Peter Delevett & Steve Buckingham Bobbie Buckingham & Susan (Keisler) Gray
Rick Darby & Kathy (Rumple) Sollenberger Bev (Bruce) Butler & Bill Hammerman
Molly (Maloney) Delevett & Brandt Ludlow Martha Dickerson & Vickie (Prince) McCrea
Dave Butler & Bev (Bruce) Butler Sharon (Alexander) Green, Ed McCrea & Linda Miller
Rick Darby, Carol (Carter) Micheli & Ruth Hickman Susan (Keisler) Gray, DaveGray & Dick Bender
Steve Buckingham, Kathy (Bridwell) Milne & Martha Dickerson Peter Delevett & Molly (Maloney) Delevett
Chris Grossman & John Chatham Martha Dickerson & David Gray
Steve Patterson, Sharon (Alexander) Green & Vicki (Massy) Palmer Bobbie Buckingham, Peter Delevett,
Steve Buckingham & Molly (Maloney) Delevett
Molly (Maloney) Delevett & Brandt Ludlow More hugs were exchanged in 4 hours than in all of senior year:
Dave Sparks & Martha Dickerson

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